Battle of the Birds

Whom you think will win between Seahawks and Falcons? Hmmmm…animal talk, LOL. I think Seahawks probably will win but it is probably in the heart. As I continue to watch the game, looks like the Falcons will win this won one. Falcons has too much offensive weapon. They are quick, fast, and aggressive, from the wide receivers to the running backs. Seahawks got a long day ahead of them. Matt Ryan picking them apart.99 yd pick apart for a touchdown to be exact. Everyone going to be involved in these first downs after first down then touchdown falcon game. Anything in life is about heart. Who wants it more? How much do you want it? Seahawks are beaten down with losing some key players like Earl Thomas and Lockett. I think Falcons should win this game because Seahawks defense is not as good as recent past. They are not an intercepting or sack team as much anymore. Their defense is still good but they got some holes to be attack. Like Sherman is good but he cannot cover Julio Jones. They are both tall but come on man?! Julio is a freak, being able to run and jump…and catch the football at his height. Geeeez. Scary thinking about it. He already got a touchdown in the first half. It’s definitely a big day to come for him.

Seahawks chance to help offensively is Devin Hester. Well, the man is a kick and punt return legend. In the open field just say touchdown. At his age, he is still a threat to take it to the house for a touchdown. Nevertheless, the Seahawks keep getting penalties messing up Hester returning yards. Thomas Rawl and the Seahawk Offense need to go somewhere, especially Rawl, he always getting injured. Like ugh! If you had him on your fantasy team, you would know what am talking about. Like go somewhere, man! LOL. It’s all good though (LOL). In addition, Falcon defense exposed them today as they did with stopping Rawl on the 4-yard line and then getting Russell Wilson with a safety. The game still closes in the first half 10-19 Falcons. This game is a playoff game. Expect fighting to be involved. After all, it is football lost of hormones and emotion involves. Playoff games are not easy. Who want it? Falcon playing at home so home crowd should give them the favorite.

Jones putting on a show. Seahawks offense struggling cannot get a touchdown but they getting field goals. You can’t win with field goals in this kind of game. Seahawk offense being their usual self. Falcons finished them off. Like bye-bye. Dirty Falcons on the Seahawks. Old flashback with Jaamal. However, Russell Wilson was not going out like that with a touchdown to Baldwin. Falcons’ defense had a good game with interception and strip. Falcons wasn’t going to allowed Wilson to make come back sorry Wilson not today. Falcon to the NFC Championship game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan balled out getting some touchdowns. Three TD to be exact and 338 total yards. 36-20. Falcons won. Packers Vs Falcons for the NFC Championship game.

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