Life just Life

Learning from life on a day to basis. Turkey day learnage. Man what had happened was in life you make decisions. You know what you think is right in your mind. Man when you make the right move or the right call you feel like yeah am the man or woman depending on your gender. But when you make that wrong move man or woman can it hit hard. Some take it well and other doesn’t but in life you get hit day after day just got to bounce back.

Life isn’t about the hits you take back how you recover. You going to recover like a Gangster grrrr or like a baby. This lesson here is about making the decision that didn’t go your way and how you deal with it. Everyone has a right to be down but not for long. Release that emotion and get back to work. Get back to living life. Life is a process some get to their goals quicker than others are, but as long as you get, there is all that matters. Be open-minded look into every side before making a decision.

Life is about the smallest details the one no one pays attention to. Find your smallest details and work on it. It’s like a guy with a girl he likes if he really likes her just pay attention to her. Pay attention to the smallest details with that she will know how you feel and you will get her heart. Similar to paying attention to the smallest details in life and you get your goal. But you have to be genuine about it.

Expand your mind. Be adaptive. Be Brainy Versatility.