Life View

In life, the goal is to leave something behind and be remembered for good but if a person leaves, life and people are happy he or she is gone then you are doing something wrong like Fidel Castro. People are up for joy he is finally gone as a human he did not meet the goal according to the people in joy.

In life, you are supposed to make people life better. Make them grow not bring them Down. Two types of leadership cheering people on and sometimes there is tough love. However, it is a mixture of the two. Cannot just pick one type of leadership. In life look to improve others like your favorite group sports. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Life is about others not about you. Sooner people realize that sooner they get what life is about. Life is not life without other people in it. Think about that. It is hard to Appreciate people whether you like that them or not. Yeah it is hard but just tolerate who you don’t like and mind your business.

Be adaptive. Be Brainy Versatility.