Rematch of Cavs vs. Warriors. Cavaliers won the first match up on Christmas day. This game on a holiday like MLK look like a show down but it was more like a beat down from the Warriors. Cavs got the beat down put on them. Warriors’ defense was on point. You already know Draymond Green. Was going to bring his defensive game. Irvin was played tough by Draymond Green. You know already, he brings it on offense and defense. Golden State blowing Cavs out first 2 quarters. Green and Durant getting blocks.

LeBron playing the point position being too passive.  The game was pretty much a blow out the whole game.  Warriors slashing to the rim for easy buckets. They playing team basketball. Livingston straight balling making mid range shots. Durant getting block on LeBron dunk. Draymond getting a triple doubles. Irvin lays getting ballooned. Ballooned means Block. I mean as if the whole team blocked his layup. Warriors sent a message this game. Pay back from Christmas loss. However, they put that grandma ma beat down on Popeye spinach beatdown.  No easy buckets.

MLK massacre for real. Warriors playing their backups. Durant, Curry and Thompson on the bench chilling in the 4th quarter watching the beat down. 35 points lead with 36.4 seconds in the game. 126-91. Curry had 26 points. Durant had. 17the career triple double and 5 blocks for Draymond Green. Third triple-double of the season. Warriors are 35-6 now and Cavs are 29-11. Warriors better play like this in the playoffs. This game was suppose to be a good game not a blown out. Every day you learn something new.

Today, I learn Cavs gets blown out, LOL. Expand your mind and have fun doing it. Brainy Versatility.