Saturday Night Show Down

Cavs vs. Spurs. The 2nd and 3rd best team in the league. Spurrrs. Put some respeck on their name. Spurs got the system. No matter whom they put in there they ready to step up. They teach and mature their players young or old. They don’t need star players. Does not help to have stars players though. You win rings with them you feel me.  Look at the rookie Dejounte Murray balling in the first half. Close game though they going back and forth. I like this Saturday night game but they need to bring basketball back on Sunday afternoon on NBC (oooooo). I hated basketball when I first watched it and the most funniest thing was Michael Jordan was playing in that game. I thought it was boring, but, anywho, they need to bring it back. Exciting now. ABC is good but that NBC on Sunday afternoon was fire boy. Get with it.

So yeah back to the game it is a close game not boring. Cavs down by three LeBron made a three to tie it. Rookie Murray giving Kyrie the works with extra sauce on it. Spurs coach got the spurs running like a fine tune machine. Look out for them. However, to be honest with all that being said Cavs not playing that with crossing over and J the fade away 3 by Shumpert on Simmons to get the 3rd quarter. 90-84 Spurs going into the fourth. Oh, oh this is when it gets real the fourth. I did not know David Lee plays for the Spurs oh ok good pick up. Cavs cut the lead to three. Leonard with the step back 3 sweet shot put the lead to six. 96-90. Kawhi Leonard looking gangster with it, LOL.

LeBron with the baseline dunk in the 4th just move out the way unless you want to be on Sports Center. Cavs making it a close game. Spurs controlling the game. Leonard show up doing Jefferson up. Leonard cannot be stopped same can be said for LeBron. Kawhi Leonard be balling over the last six games with 30+ game. Nothing different tonight. Cavs playing at home still getting the business. Is the Spurs its okay, LOL. 143mins left Cavs down by five. James on the line with 58.1 remaining.  SPURS Lead cut to three. It gets good here James clutching it up with the deep game tying three. James think he clutches now huh hmm will see. Spurs cannot close it. James cannot finish the game winning shot so not looking that clutch. James with 29points end of fourth. 5quarter aka overtime who wants it more? Irving getting buckets to give Cavs the lead. Spurs not being themselves setting a moving screen for violation. Spurs find a way to get the ball back to tie the game up. Irving a beast in picking apart pick and roll. Irving scoring all 6 of Cavs points in overtime. Irving with the shot to give Cavs the lead but Patty Mills with 3 to give spurs the lead. Shot being fired in this game.pow pow mostly 3 shots getting fired though. Spurs with the lead late Aldridge missing 2 free throws to close the game out.  Cavs got a life with 0.6 seconds left Kevin Love with the game tying shot but he missed. Spurs win. 118-115. Leonard with 41 points balling  Kawhi balling. Ooooooooooo boy!

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