Sunday Game Scare

Villanova vs. Virginia was a game that looks like a blow out. I know you guys and girls think the Cats was blowing Virginia out. Sikes, noope. Virginia was man handling the Cats for most of this game. They were getting body by the Virginia Cavaliers. I thought the Cavs was going to win this game which would be a good win for them. Beating a number 1  seeed.  The game looked at a blowout and was a blowout for some of the game. Look can be wrong as it was this.

Villanova made a run in the 2nd half coming back from a big deficit. Cats showed their heart in this game. They show why they are National Championship. They fought back. The game was low scoring but both team fought to get the win. The 3 point field goal percentage was a big reason why the Cats game back and stuck around in the game with shooting about 44% from beyond the 3-point arc.

The game was a down the wire game with and heart pounding ending. The game was tie down the closing seconds. Cats pull away with  buzzer beating tip in to win 61-59. I know the Virginia Cavaliers are down because this was their game to win but Villanova took one away. The got the philly grrrrr ill take your lunch and you not going to do nothing about it heart. 61-59 Cats win. What game, man!
Something that you should be adaptive to a good basketball games. Brainy Versatility 😀