How the Oscars Made my Night! Hercules! Hercules!

oscars1.pngI didn’t know the Oscar was this big. Excuse me here, don’t jump on me (LOL) for not knowing. It is good watching people be happy and adding accomplishments to their lives. In the case of Andrew Garfield, being nominated for best Actor in the Oscars…in his first nominated Oscar. What a day it must be for him. I know his whole family and friends are happy. All that hard work and just grinding is paying off. He got his chance and made the best out of it. Good hearing stories like that. I am sure it wasn’t an easy road for him, but he kept at it. Look at him now at the Oscar with all the stars — Salute. This is a living proof of opportunity meeting hard work. Shout out to all the nominees.


On another good note, the Oscars giving equal opportunity to all colors. Life is about equality, being able to give the right for an opportunity. Good to see them changing the rules and look past race, well, I hope they look past race. I think, this is why some people aren’t fond of the Oscars as I found out. So, the Lion’s actor Dev Patel and Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali getting their first nomination at the Oscars. Special shout out to Dev Patel! He is there with his mom…aww! Touch heart 😀 Don’t hate (LOL), thats #respect. Patel and Ali fought for their chance and got it. Patel campaigned for having a role in the movie Lion and it is paying off. All his hard work is paying off. Same goes for Ali, he’s an impressive man and it shows he has good work ethic. Congratulations to Mahershala Ali on having his first daughter this week. Ali winning his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He acted like he suppose to win the Oscar and he is the first Muslim to win the Oscars, which is hard to believe. Be always thankful, good or bad. I know, he is thankful.


The way the Oscars end with La La Land wining Best Pictures, BUT they didn’t because Moonlight won it. Shout out to Moonlight cast getting some Oscars. I got to watch Moonlight. I recommend y’all to watch that film bacause it is so touching. All you need is a chance. As you see, people in power giving people chances and you see the wonders they do. Just look like the two black men from Liberty City’s writer/director, Barry Jenkins, and writer, Tarell Alvin McCraney, wining the Best Adapted Screenplay. Taking that Oscar to the 305. If you don’t know about Liberty City, well, it is an inner city in Miami, Florida. Lets just say if you made it out of there, you got mad heart. Lots of crimes, drugs and illegal activities over there and not place you see people thrive. For them to thrive that hard, bring joy to my heart. Mad Respect to y’all.

oscars4Some or probably most people in the inner city…wait…let’s just say people in general, need is a chance as to what Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney did; and look at them wining that Oscar. It almost made me cry. You know the stress they have to go to just to survive in Liberty City. I know about Miami and I know they got resiliency in them. I mean, success story like this makes you cry. If you knew the area where they are from, you will definitely cry too. I mean, if you don’t have no kind of emotions for this, you got no heart. Show some love in your heart and get the hatred out your heart, that is real struggle they went through to get to the Oscar. Thank you to the people who gave them a chance. Much love. Oscars giving people equal opportunities now. Salute. Mad Respect. Salute.

This is a big night and a big event. Name of clothes I haven’t even heard oscars5.pngof, but I am willing to learn. I am rooting for the first time nominees as it’s always a good feeling working hard and getting the result. This is sacrificing for your goal and achieving it. Yeah, be happy for them, I know I am. Shout out and respect to Moonlight. Oh man, that made my night. I hope they are giving back and give a chance to the people of Liberty City like the chance they got. Ending with a good note. Chances. Hard work paid off. Believing in yourself. Others believing in you. Getting Chances. Giving back. Caring. Heart.

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Day 15 and 16: The Rewards from Working out

15dayI didn’t want to workout on Friday, my last day of working out b-ball drills style. However, after I warmed up with some shooting, I started the drills. The drills were good and my shots were nice. I mean,the way I was shooting? I could of drop 50. The fingers to leg lift movement was on point –nothing but net shots. I felt like, it was my night to shoot and not miss much. If you play basketball, you know what I am talking about. Having that day, you know your jumper really good. I mean, it was really good! Shooting that good, I didn’t want to leave working out. Lets keep doing this drill. My shot was really good. You know it was that good, when all am doing is repeating myself. Its like, tasting food like…hmmmm! That was so good….(licks fingers), LOL, and you keep repeating it. Yeah, those basketball drills paying off as you all see by my last day performance. My Jumper was good (cool walk), LOL. Fun Workout Friday Night. Woooooo! When your jump shot good? You dancing and hyped like Stephen Curry, LOL.

Cardio on Saturday was “cardioing”, LOL (if that’s even a word). Last day of running the treadmill for 30 mins, it kind of went fast. I was hungry even though I ate not too long ago. I know one of you all had one of those days, you know, while working out you just thinking about what’s going to be for dinner. It was one of those days. Couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted. Finally, I decided on some unsalted peanuts. Keeping it simple. Mad proteins too and some carbs to it. Show you how dedicated I am when I pursue something, I am blogging and running. Look…. in life, if you start something you got to put your foot in and go no matter what.

Some people are going to support you and some are not. Just Euro-step pass them like Rondo (LOL). BUT for real though, don’t let someone stop your movement. Don’t start something then be slacking. I don’t play that. I take this workout serious and I found and will keep finding ways to work out effectively and efficiently. I take what I set my mind to serious, whether blogging, working out, work and future career. My work out stories be more about life and other things than work outs, I tell you. I don’t want to bore you all. Good looking out for listening (reading) on this workout journey.

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Day 13 and 14: How to have fun while working out

13dayIt is official, this week is my last week of doing this basketball drills. I may stick to the cardio, though. Time for a change. Changing your workout after 2-3 weeks is a way to challenge and keep workouts fun. Keep your body guessing, so you don’t plateau. I think the next set of workout I will do will be body workout and a basketball drill in there. Keeping it versatile and interesting. So, basketball workout on Wednesday was good. It was a raining day but my jumper was wet like the rain. Once I get my feet and arm set, that ball in going through the net. Shot still hot even on a raining day, LOL.


I did most of the basketball drills differently. I warmed up with some jumpers, you know, having some fun. Once I started working out, you can see that finger tip ball rotation was on point on my free throws. My dribble getting better too. Turn on some hip hop music and got my workout on. I must say, I feel good on a Thursday morning. Feel like I can bang on someone, LOL. If you don’t know what banging on someone is, well, look at the image to the right. Straight dunking, LOL. I feeel my body getting tall and lean. I am taking this process slow. Trying to make what I eat a lifestyle, once I start to completely eating healthy. Eating healthy is good and fun when you find your niche around it.

With the cardio on Thursday, it was alright. I mean, cardio while watching what you like makes it go by faster. Watching the Cavs hype up the crowd at home. Basketball <3. 35 minutes running or should I say jogging (LOL) while writing a blog. Can you say dedication? Multi-tasking. Once I start something, I have to be good at it or give it my best. My calves muscles and quad strong and flexing its muscles. I mean, my calves are cut. Running was just running. Running with changing the incline level and speed level. Incline is where you burn that fat at, because you going uphill burning more calories and its harder. You are challenging your body. Have fun doing it.

Working out is about having fun. Fun is doing what physical activities work for you. That could be dancing, basketball, running,walking, tennis, soccer, even video gaming such as Dance Revolution. That game get your foot work right. Just do the activities that are fun to you and you see your body change. Workouts are suppose to be fun, so go out there and have fun. I change my workout to workouts to what challenges me and I have fun at the same time doing it. Lets share some Workout Knowledge together.

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The Shocking Truth about the Cleveland Cavaliers


Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks. First game back after the All Star game. NBA Trade Deadline Day. Carmel Anthony vs. LeBron James. Brother vs. Brother. Homie vs. Homie. Charles Oakley in the building. The game is at the Quick Loan Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Crowd is hype. Looks like LeBron is ready to get this second half of the season ready. New York Knicks has an early lead. Knicks playing good defense to begin with. You can’t let Carmelo set his feet, that’s nothing but net. Courtney Lee playing good too that’s a boost for the Knicks.

cavs1The Cavaliers (also known as Cavs) went on a run late first quarter. The run started with LeBron open court dunk, then a put back dunk by Tristan Thompson, the Canadian, the rebounding X-factor machine. He finished with a Double-double: 10 points and 14 rebounds. Then, the Cavs just started pouring down 3’s from Kyle Korver and Richard Jefferson. Cavs came back from being down early with their fire power run. Carmelo Anthony made a buzzer beater 3 at the end of the first quarter, but it didn’t count. Cavs leads 34-33 at the end of the 1st quarter. LeBron balling in the second quarter and the Cavs took the lead. The blow out and beat down was about to begin.


Cavs looking their normal self; they just had to get it right and oh boy, they are clicking. Kristaps Porzingis left the game with a sprain ankle; he should be okay. Carmelo Anthony finished with 20 points. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James taking this game over. The game was over in the 4th quarter, for real. Blow out as you can say. LeBron James had a Triple-double. Cavs finished strong at home. LeBron straight glassing Courtney Lee, a run down glass too. LOL, geeesh. Kyrie Irving dropped 23 points and LeBron James finished with 18 points, 15 assist and 13 rebounds — straight A glassing. A big game. 48th Career Triple-double. Cavs won, 119-104.

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Ways to Give New Orleans Pelican Fans Advice to be Patient with their New team


If you thought the Pelicans were going to ball out and be a good team after they got DeMarcus Cousins, well, not just YET as it is a work in progress. The Pelicans got straight blow out. First game after the All Star game and the Pelicans still celebrating the trade winner they got. 129-99, Houston Rockets won. Anthony Davis (29 points) and DeMarcus Cousins (27points) will get it together. Both players played well with dropping over 20 points. It is a team game and they need the other pieces to step up too. Give them some time to get the groove going on. This is more of progress and getting to know each other tendencies on the court.

The first game at the Smoothie King Arena was one to get better from. I nola1know people thinking the New Orleans Pelicans will just be a good team all of a sudden. It doesn’t change over night. The Houston Rockets is a good team. James Harden, having an MVP season, leading his team right. You already know he was going to ball even if he doesn’t score a lot of points. He had a Double-double: 13 points and 14 assists. The whole Rockets team played well, especially newly acquired shooting guard Lou Williams. Willians who was from the Los Angeles Lakers. The baller. Auto-microwave making 7 of 11 3’s in his debut. That man can score a basketball. He had 27 points during the game.

nola2.pngThe Pelicans will be getting better, so they are getting their chemistry together. I mean, I didn’t know how the two big man were going to play together. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins looks like they are capable of balling together. The question is, does the coaching staff have to be able to capitalize on each of the star skills set and dominate? The coaching staff starts with the head coach, Alvin Gentry, so he has to formulate a plan for the team to succeed. The coaching staff will play a big role in the success of the New Orleans Pelicans. They got 20 plus games left, so we will see what they got with those games. New Team. Trusting each other. Basketball is back. Big Man. Basketball Night. 😀

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