Barkley said Lebron is whiny about wanting more help and does not want to compete. I must agree but this is Lebron, so I just ignore it. Barkley said the truth and Lebron said he is not worry about it but I think different. You don’t say someone sit on a panel for living if he didn’t get to you. I mean THAT comment doesn’t even make sense to me, like, he sit on a panel and you sweat and dribble a basketball for living, LOL. Like, come on! Please Lebron, just stop that nonsense…..please. Nothing wrong with basketball and commentating for living by the way. Just doesn’t make sense what Lebron said.

Barkley still saying he is always whining which is true. No one got time for that. Champion does not act like this. In my previous post, I said NBA is about competing, so compete same thing Barkley said. Barkley just honest and people can’t take it, that’s all. JUST COMPETE. SIMPLY COMPETE. No need for wanting all the good players in the league to win more rings. It worth more if you just compete. Barkley said exactly the same thing I said. Stop whining and play!

Barkley said one honest thing and Lebron cannot take it. Lebron want to make it extra personal, LOL. Anyways, Lebron loves drama is what I am seeing now. He having drama with his own teammates; now everyone that says his name he going for them, major LOL. Lebron be starting that drama. Lebron, chill man. Just accept the criticism people tell you especially if it true. If you tell me something true about me. I won’t even be mad because it is true. Lebron needs to chill and not let what Barkley says get to him then say it didn’t (like C’mon man!). Its like saying, “man, I don’t like her but you acting like you like her.” Lesson of the example is — don’t play yourself and just admit the truth. It will save your less stress and problem.

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