Black Plague

Show on Vice Land about Black Plague. Vice Land have some good documentaries stories about various topics around the world. Good way to learn about things in the world. Black Plague is a deadly disease aka Black Death. Black Rats, fleas, bugs can spread it to humans. It goes way back to the 14th century and still goes on currently. Countries in Africa like Madagascar and some south states in US. Your leg get black and get infected all over your body. The current outbreak is in Madagascar, Africa where the Black rats have to be capture to study the cures and how to treat it. The bacterial disease is not something to experience.

The Black Plague, you would think the bacteria was expensive to treat but in reality it is cure with a cheap antibiotics. In poor countries like Madagascar and living in a poor neighborhood make the disease even more deadly because doctors and nurses are scared to treat such patients going against the medical healthcare ethics. If you can save a life please save no matter race or wealth. This black Plague is no joke and it can be cure easily.

This documentary caught my attention because it is something I haven’t really heard may be because I am in America and things like that USA nips in the butt as soon as it occurs. I know developing countries do not have the health care power USA has. But that is why it is important everyone in developing countries has to be on one page in case of crisis like the black plague to have one solution for it.

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