Ground Hog Day

It is one of the most observance day in America. Ground Hog plays a important role in Ground Hog Day. Americans and also Canadians celebrates this day. Looks like it started on Pennsylvania. I am not that familiar with it so I am learning as some of you guys are. Some of you guys probably know about this than me but I found it interesting which is why I am blogging about it.

On this day there are events like Groundhog Balls and this comes out of there holes after hibernation and if it was sunny it is told that 6 more weeks of winter. So I am guessing if it is raining it is 6 more weeks till Spring time. The movie Ground Hog Day made the day even more famous. Bill Murray the main character in the movie is well known for Ground Hog Day in my view.

Shadow is 6 more weeks to winter and no shadow means spring is coming. I wonder what today prediction was. Spring is coming or not. Knowing what today is and google inform me on the significant of this day. Understand what is going on around you and the significant on each day. Learn and be adaptive to your environment. So be wise around your surrounding. If you have something to share about it.

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