WNBA Shock

WNBA is going through their off season right now, so if you not a WNBA fan, you probably not paying attention to the off-season news. I was surprised when I read that Elena Delle Donne was traded from the Chicago Sky. If you don’t know who she is, well, she is a tall Blonde basketball player. She is about 6’5 and she can ball. I mean she can dribble, shoot, I think she probably can dunk. She is an all-around basketball player. She has versatility. She can do it all. She is a talent basketball player. Plus the fact that she is an Most Valuable Player in the WNBA. Flashback, She was the number 1 high school player back in her high school days; and went to UCONN (University Of Connecticut) before going back home because of family reasons. She want to spent time with her sister who has health issue. She ended up going to Delaware for college after UCONN making them a contender. UCONN is a woman basketball powerhouse for college ball for those who do not know.

After College, She was drafted Chicago and spend her career there until recently expressing her feelings that she wants to move on from the team. She took control of her contract saying she wants to be traded to a team of her liking, like, you go girl! LOL. Sheesh! Feisty but anyways, the first day of free agent being February 1st, Wednesday, she was traded to the Washington Mystics. Mystics are an instant contender with her on the team. I will like to watch her play. Miami used to have an WNBA team the Miami Sol but no team currently or ill be moving on over there and watch them play. It is a drive but it is worth.

Yeah, WNBA have some talent players them women can ball. The news today was WOW, but I didn’t know she didn’t want to stay with Chicago. She has been with them since 2013 so…. yeah. I will be looking how she will do in the DC area. We will see what her new team looks like. For all you WNBA fans out there, looks like the season going to be another competitive one.

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