Super Bowl Decision

The Superbowl Game is here just hours away. So lets see what the Falcons and Patriots bring to the table. Lets see who did their homework and study for the test. Studying for all portions of the test. No cramming. You cram you get blown out like the Broncos did when they face Seahawks years back. Lets see who you got lets go get it. 14-2 Pats or 11-5 Dirty birds. The game is on Fox and start at 6:30 Eastern time. Stay tune. Its the Superbowl.

Pats Defense should be ready hopefully they not cheating again, LOL. Pats ‘Defense playing good defense. If your read my other blogs you see I keep saying it. Falcons’ Offense will give them a work for their money though. Not really hearing no big news or trash talking to my hearing for me to put up. All I know is Pats Coach nothing to play with. After 2 weeks of preparation the game plan is ready and its just time to go out there and execute.

We will see who execute the most plays on offense and defense. Falcons’ Defense looking good, BUT I still think they are suspect (so we will see). Let me know what you guys think about who you think going to win this game. Last game of the football NFL year. Its going to be a big one. Brady gets another Ring or Ryan his 1st ring. The Pats have 55.6 percent to win and Falcons 44.4 percent to win, so its kind of close i guess. Falcons looking for their 1st Super Bowl trophy win. Falcons fans stand up and Pats fan well people already don’t like the pats so I know their fans rooting real loud.

Lets get it. Brainy Versatility.