Day 1: Basketball Drills

Started my workout officially on Monday. My workout consists of cardio and basketball drills. I haven’t been going in on my workout so need to get to it. Cardio is a 20-minute jog on treadmill or optical. The basketball drill is just using cones and making basketball moves around cones making it like a game time situation. The basketball should be 20 mins and should be fun. The key to work is keeping it fun. With the cardio, as long as you have music you should be good.

Music is the key in workouts. Makes it go by faster. I think I am going to do this 6 to 8 weeks to get my body adapted to it and I am changing the intensity up each week so start slow and finished hard. After this I will begin weight training again. Resistance bands and weights or body weights. My body needs this work out. With that stretching is a must. Especially your knees and back.

I will be doing the basketball drills today (Monday) and do cardio tomorrow. Time to get this body right with a good diet plan as well. Vegetables, proteins, and some whole grains along with fruits. Protein and carbs with every meal. Proteins includes beef, chicken, eggs, fish, tuna and different kinds of proteins. About to time myself and get this workout in. Work that body your body needs it. You need it.

My 1st day was good. Finished the workout in like 30 minutes; did some elbow jumpers with jab steps and shoot and curl shots along with half court offense dribble with pull up Jumper. Shot free throw after after each session to be exact and if I miss I ran up and down the whole court 4 times if I missed one and 6 times If i missed twice. I only ran six times. My jumper is good, so I was wetting the shots up. Like nothing but Net shots. I need to get in shape but I will get there in no time. One day at a time. Work out starts.

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