Boxing hasn’t been big anymore.The only time boxing was kind of big was when Mayweather fight and even those fights didn’t live up to expectation. I miss the heavyweight boxing like back in the day. When you can’t weight to see the fight. The fight you actually pay for on pay-per-view. Now, UFC is taken over boxing as the most combat sports now.

wladimirThe Heavyweight fights is now watching Wladimir Klitschko dominate the heavy weight ranking. He has been dominating it for close to a decade, until he was beaten. I mean, it took that long to beat him when I see Klitschko, I don’t see someone that can’t be beaten. Yeah he is big BUT I don’t see a skillful fighter like they was back in the days. I am just saying my opinion here not trying to be negative. I miss the old fighting days when boxing use to be boxing. Everyone knew about it. It is a must see. knockouts (TKO), hype, defense, combos. That’s the boxing I want to see. I mean, heavyweight boxing isn’t has it was before. Back in the day, no one heavyweight boxer would be dominate his league for decade or close to it. Which tell me the competitor aren’t like they use to be. Klitschko might be good, but let him fight back in the days, I don’t think you even know him.


Klitschko is facing a young British man name Anthony Joshua. I don’t think it would be much of a fight. There is no hype here. I just miss that Heavy weight boxing isn’t has it should to be with Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis — those kind of boxers. This fight should be good, just not going to bring the hype the old boxing days will bring. I want the real boxing back. Real heavy weight.

Lets get it. Brainy Versatility.