Day 2: Cardio

Yesterday I was sick working out; but as I been said is about heart. Nothing cant stop you if you want something. I paid for working out Day 1 with the basketball drills. The flu got to me that night. Day 2 was fighting the flu but with some Vitamin C and rubbing my chest with some cold rubs. I was good to go to do some cardio. I cardio it out. 30 mins and I was going to do 15 mins because my leg was tripping; but I told myself 20 mins then am like, you know what 30 mins? I did over 30 mins. I would of been beating myself up if I didn’t jog for 30 mins.

I feel bad if I send something and I did not do it. Got to hold yourself accountable. I got it done. Did 30 plus mins and my calves still there. I made it through. Still trying to fight this flu but not going to stop me from working out. Week 1 the hardest week I got this though. Made it through the workout with watching sports but it was a long nice treadmill run.

I mixed it up raising the incline level and speed up throughout the run. It was not as hard though but I definitely need to improve my cardio. I move around a lot though. Need to refine my body so one day at a time. Every morning the body changes but it changes while your resting. Learning about the body.

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