Day 3: Smooth Workout

Today’s workout was OK. My jumper was up there. Only had to run twice. Two sets of 3 ups and downs the court. It was nice nice. It was my relaxation time. I am getting back into shape. The drills was good today; I made most of my J’s. My free throws was falling. What can I say I got it like that. In no time, I will moving with free range of motion.

I was hitting nothing but net (actually). It was a good feeling. I started dribbling and running up and down the court for my punishment for missing free throws. While get some ball handling drills in while running. It will only do me good. I guess that’s a compound movement workout, LOL. Nice Friday, a day to relaxation. I am feeling good as I much say. Eating some rice and tuna. Sounds good with some pepper on top.

You all go get your workouts in so you can get in shape too. It may be Friday but so no excuse. Think I am (probably) going to be working out 7 days a week now. Nothing major, just about 30 mins of workout. I am always moving anyway so it won’t be a big deal. Lets get this workout in you all.

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