The New York Knicks’ game the other day was not a game at all. The little brawl between Charles Oakley and the Knicks’ Security Guards should not have happened. The Knicks’ owner, James Dolan, should not be so sensitive about people speaking their mind about how he is running the organization. Oakley and Dolan have beef going on. It shouldn’t even be beef. Oakley was telling the truth. If you didn’t know Oakley, he was a member of the Knicks back in the 90’s. An NBA Bad boy, he was the enforcer when the Knicks were good and making playoffs. Doing something relevant in the league. James Dolan, to be honest, should of been professional about this.

In the media, it might look like Oakley did something wrong; BUT it was all on the owner sending security to escort Oakley out. Oakley bought a ticket so if he choose to watch a Knicks game sitting few rows from the owner so be it. This is not about Oakley because he didn’t start this. Imagine if you bought a ticket to a game and the security guard told you you must leave. Be honest with yourself, you would be mad too. You feel some type of way. Oakley should of treat himself with some respect. I don’t blame him for being mad though. But he could of handle the situation accordingly.

Dolan was trying to act all innocent. People need to know the truth about what happened before they comment or say their opinion. Both side was wrong here and they should fix their problems like man not making this big fuss about it. This has something to do with nothing. Knicks need to treat Oakley with some respect. Put some respect on his name. He shouldn’t be treated like that. But know both side of the story.

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