MJ Going In


Michael Jordan telling Golden State Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob 73 wins don’t mean nothing without a ring. He said it in a much vulgar tone though. It is sports nothing wrong with trash talking. It is Michael Jordan he stays trash talking and trying to intimidate people. Some people fall for it and be scared but people like me he probably won’t like because I stand up for myself. I don’t play that. In my view, he was serious because he got that serious tone to it but it probably was meant for jokes.

It could of been blow out of proportion but it’s Michael Jordan; when he talks, people listen. He needs to worry about the Hornets than talking all that trash. Warriors’ owner should of said talk to him when you get out the 1st round of the playoffs, LOL. At least we got to the championship is what he should of said.

At the end of the day it’s all good. It’s not too serious. MJ just being MJ as you see. Since MJ wants to be talking we see how the hornets do this year. Dont think they have the team to take it to the second round at least. Warriors might win it all.

Let’s get it.Brainy Versatility 😀