Rivalry Game

Duke vs. Tar Heels! Man, this rivalry go back to the man of time. One is like an Ivy League school and the other a public school. Both team has a prestige basketball program. Both in the same state. The competitiveness run deep, I can see. This game on Thursday was another one of that competitive game. Duke might not be that good this year, but when it comes to Duke vs. North Carolina? It is going to be the GAME.


The game was close through out. Duke lead by 1 at half time. The game was close at the end through out the second half. North Carolina away having problems with Duke. Grayson Allen Duke star led the team to the W. This was a good game. Looked at North Carolina was going to run away with the game in the second half despite their struggle. Duke was going to protect their home court. They pump up the crowd this game.

Duke won this game 86-78. Tar Heels couldn’t stop Grayson Allen. He is a good player when he is not tripping players, LOL. Luke Kennard did his thing too; dropping 20 points and he can shoot. Watch out for him. He can shoot. Deadly shooter right there. Watch out for Jayson Tatum did his thing too the freshman from St. Louis put 19 points on Tar Heels for head. Good rivalry game.

All about being competitive and having a good game. Be Adaptive. Be Brainy Versatility.