Tiger Woods Golf

tigerTiger Woods went out of style after he crashed his car into that tree awhile ago (I think probably back in 2008). Since then, his golf game hasn’t been top flight as people know him to be. I don’t know much about golf, but I do know golf is a mental game. It is all about CONFIDENCE. Looks like he lacks that confidence. Tiger Woods lives off people remembering him for his back in the day greatness than what he is doing now in the future. I mean, that’s good if he is retired but as a competitor forget that.

People are not sure if Tiger Woods would be Tiger again. You know the Tiger that always wining the trophies.The Masters, Green Jackets and all. You can play Golf till your 60’s or 70’s, so I guess he has time. Now, he is dealing with knee and back issues. Now more than most, his back issue as he pulled out of the next two golf tournaments. The Genesis and Honda Classic, he has pulled out from due to back issue and his doctors saying take it slow. He says, he is hopeful for the Masters in April. We will see about that. I want to see Tiger back so I can have some fun watching golf. Watching him go to work because he bring hype to the course.

He has been pulling out of a lot of tournaments. Pulling out the February 16-19 Genesis Open and The Honda Classic Feb 23-26 is really an eye open may be it is time to just relax like hang up the club because of all the body injuries he is going through. I don’t watch golf that much; but I know golf is in good hands. It might not be has fun as when Tiger was at his top of his game but still good competitor out there. Tiger Woods will get his body right and try to come back and maybe we can see a flash or more of his old greatness.

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