Pebble Beach Pro-Am


This PGA Tour Golf was in Pebble Beach, California on CBS. The course is a beautiful course — a sunny beautiful Saturday. Jordan Spieth on the lead with a -11 in the third round. This tournament will beginning again tomorrow after the Michigan vs. Indiana game. Expect a blog on that one. So, the tournament also had few celebrity on board like Justin Timberlake, Bill Murray, and Peyton Manning; so it is a mix of pro vs. celebrity so looks kind of fun on TV.


I didn’t know what was going on much but I did know Justin Timberlake almost made an hole in one. The ball went in the hole and went out. Awwwww! Close one, Justin. BUT to the tournament Spieth leads all with -13 and Brandt Snedeker is in second place with a -10. So two USA players are in the top two spot. Lots of professional golf player all over the world are playing in this tournament. Who wouldn’t want to play in California on this sunny day. Come on! 😀

The defending champion is Vaughn Taylor and (maybe) I should look into golf. They make money regardless win or lose. The winner for the tournament gets over 7 Million Dollars (ca-ching!). I repeeat 7 MILLION DOLLARS! It is a tough sports though, but the money involve? Oooo weeee! You need money in life and it makes life easier not necessary happier but easier.

If you going to do something do it for the love and passion you know. Passion and Love. Brainy Versatility.