walton1Michigan vs. Indiana on Sunday Afternoon was a good game. Michigan controlled most of the game. They dominated the 1st half the game was 35-25 Michigan. Derrick Walton Jr lead the Wolverines to the win. He dropped 25 points on Sunday afternoon game. Indiana Hoosiers were at home, but they didn’t play like they were. Looked like they were struggling. Walton came a long way. I remember him as a freshman small little freshman. Now look at him, a veteran in the league getting buckets.

D.J Wilson, the California boy, or should I say man since he is a junior now. The man in the old school short was doing his thing. He stood out to me. The man can block some shots but he has some touch to him. Soft touch for a big man with his good shooting form. He played good this game. Him and Walton Jr did good for the Wolverines.

This was a good win for the Wolverines on the road. They came in and did some work. Play as a team and I know their coach will be happy of the way they played. Coach Beilein made a game plan and his team execute those plan to the fullest. Indiana tried to made a run at the end of the game but Wolverines’ game plan was too effective.

Good game to watch. Brainy Versatility.