The Grammy Awards shows how work ethics and determination can work for you. Prime example of this is Chance the rapper. I mean some people might not even know who he is. The first music I heard from him was in college at the gym; first and only time until recently. You would think he is old, but no, he is young (real young, early 20s). He is like 23 and already doing big thing. Work and determination says it all. He won 3 Grammys. To be honest, I was like, huh? He won what? I remember he is like a college music rapper; that means only college kids know him. He kept climbing up the leader and kept working. He has resiliency which means he has heart. All that result in winning Grammys. He can now say he is a Grammy Award winner, not once but trice!

Chance, the rapper, is from Chicago, Illinois; so you know he has the dog in him. The pursue, the heart, the grrrr (you know what I am talking about, I hope). Just know he has what he takes to be successful. I bet no one thought he was going to win some Grammys, not even himself. If you think so, psshhhhh…stoppp! You know darn well you didn’t think. Like Adidas nothing is impossible — that is my motto in life. There is always a way for a problem, just have to find it. Chance, the rapper, find that solution to his problem before we knew it and he is reaping the benefits on Sunday.

Chance, the rapper, aka Chancellor Bennett, won his first Grammy and he ran to the stage and almost tripped. Yeah, I saw that! Don’t try to play it off, man. He hugged the guy, well, who wouldn’t? After winning a Grammy. I know he didn’t even think he would win 3 Grammys that night. That is work putting your foot in the mud and keep grinding do for you. If you want something you have to show you want and then be dedicated to it. Dedication means work ethics, hard work and once you put in the work then you see the results. Chance, the rapper, saw those results more than he even imagine. That shows persistence and being in the lab paid off. What you do in the studio or wherever will show when its time to performance good or bad. So work hard and you will see the results.

Keep working. Brainy Versatility.