Day Five and Six: Two in Two Days

The Basketball Drills on Monday was something. I mean, I was tired from a day of my body working. Nothing like working out while tired. I was tired that I didn’t even want to work out; but you already know the deal. You workout while your down. You suppose to let your worst days be your best days with straight heart and determination. My knees was not giving no lift but I was still making shots. You need your knees to make shots in basketball and these knees wanted to rest. Straight buckets homie, LOL, with no lift. It is hard working out while your tired. I was just thinking of getting done and resting. If I set my mind to it I must do it. And I did it. Workout done 😀

My knees was still feeling the workout from Sunday till Tuesday, but I was able to get my cardio in. I got to get in shape and just beginning to workout and I am feeling it. The first week and some part of the 2nd week are the hardest. You don’t give up seeing challenges just keep pushing. Keep pecking on that wood. Sooner or later it would fall. When it fall all the work I put in will be seen. Nothing like a good shower though and food to recover after a day when your body is tired. Refresh my mind and body. I need to look into some herbs to start using again. Ooooo! natural herbs 😀

Good day today, getting some workout in anyway possible. Getting good with this cardio and seeing my body adapting to it. Two in Two Days wouldn’t be bad if I wasn’t tired. Tired or not, go out there and workout no matter what. Push through the tired days and I’ll tell you, you feel better about yourself afterwards. The workouts you do while your tired or down are worth more than the ones you do when you feeling all good. Remember that.

Get that body workout in. Feeling good after workout. Brainy Versatility 😀