Wednesday Night Match Up


Carmelo Anthony didn’t play good the last time. Knicks played OKC, BUT on Wednesday night Melo was on fire. Scoring 19 in the first quarter only and the Knicks had the lead big — 17 points, Knicks lead. OKC fighting back and cut the lead down. Andre Roberson have no answer for Melo is…is on Fire. Blazing hot! On the night Melo finding out he is on the All Star Team, he made it known the All Star coach decision was a good one. But OKC Thunders came back and making the game close. 56-52 Knicks in the second quarter till the Thunders took the lead.

You already know Russell Westbrook was going to do his thing. He is a melo1tripple double waiting to happen. Dropping dimes on them. Basketball dropping dimes, dropping dimes. Bounce pass dimes. Russell Westbrook does it again with his 27th Triple Double of the season. Man! he is a triple dub machine. Earlier in the game, it looked like the New York Knicks had this game BUT the Thunders was taking this game over. Thanks to Russell Westbrook (of course).



Russell Westbrook in 29 minutes, had 11 rebounds and assists and 27 points only in the 3rd quarter. The Thunders wasn’t playing tonight. They let the Knicks feel themselves like they were going to win earlier on in the game. But Westbrook with the Flush Dunk. Steals and dunks by Westbrook. Thunders comeback from the deficits and won at home. Home win! Triple Double Westbrook. Thunder up for the win. Westbrook dropped 38 points and Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points.

116-105 Thunders Win. Getting Buckets. Brainy Versatility.