Day 7 and 8 Workout

Wednesday basketball drill was good — one of my better ones. I just wanted to finish the workout and go home.My jumper was crisps.Yeah, it was crispyyyyyy, LOL. I was following through my jumpers and my shooting technique looking good. Shooting techniques looking good means your jump shots is going to be nothing but net crisps. Working on dribbling and proper footwork in shooting. Remember, when you are shooting your shooting hand, the hand you use to shoot with make sure that elbow is tuck into your body. Kind of like a 45-degree angle–V<< elbow should look like that when its tuck into your side rib. Just tuck your elbow in and your hand under the ball. Shoot with your finger tips and your other hand the follow through hand is for guiding the ball when you shoot. The most important part to me in elbows in and bend your knees and follow through for proper footwork.

Younger as long as my elbows was in my shots was good, but you need proper footwork no matter young or old or which ever. Ray Allen taught me how to shoot ever since I saw how he hold the ball in how he shoots. Ever since that day, my jumper has been good. It took awhile to get it properly down quickly, but I stick with it and I can shoot good now. I can play on the perimeter and in the post. I am doing this shooting drill for working out because its fun and am working out. Before you know it, my jumper will be gooder than ever. I know gooder is not a word BUT it sounds good, so why not use it? LOL. Day 7 of the Workout was good. I wanted to go home and eat my rice and corn beef, LOL. Got the workout in and enjoy the night. Good work out though.

Day 8 Workout is cardio doing some cardio while watching some basketball. The TNT Basketball game Celtics Vs. Bulls. Watch some College Basketball too. However, I wanted to get this cardio in.Workout went so so quick. Still getting accustom to working out running. Can wait to I get to where I need to get to though. One day at a time. Progress. Sticking with it. Did that Running workout. Afterwards my legs was feeling it but a workout feeling.

I am all good. Looking good running. Brainy Versatility.