Knee Discomfort

kneeKnee pain can be from sports or wear and tear for years of using your body or other reasons. The knee pains I encounter from my experience and experience from physical therapists. I experience that stretching, massages, heat, ice,exercise and modality work for limiting the pain and eliminating it. Knee pain is no joke. Stretching is a must and of course, massages help. Talking to a physical therapist should be one of the things you do if you are experiencing knee pain or any body pain. They know the body. Its their job.

They know what they are doing. If you can not get a massage or modality, quadusually ultrasound on the knee you’re experiencing pain in, then your best bet is icing and heating and a lot of stretching and pinpoint exercises. Stretches like Hamstring and Quad Stretch is good for the knee pain. Hamstring Stretch is just sitting down and stretching one of your leg out and touch your feet for a good stretch, while you fold your other leg when you doing this stretch. Quad Stretch is just folding your legs in half, while standing or laying on your stomach stretching out your Quadricep real good. The more flexibility you have the better. These stretches can be done everyday at the comfortable of your own home.

For the exercises, Knee Marches which is sitting down and simply marching your feet. These exercises improve the strength of your quad and you’re not even putting pressure on your knee joints so its a win-win situation. No pain and you getting stronger. Another exercises is Kick Back. You are standing up holding a stable object and kick one of your leg back slowly and releasing it to the floor slowly. This is for strengthening of the hamstring and flexibility of the knee. So these are the knowledge I know from observing and learning from physical therapists.

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