Workout Day 9 and 10

Working out Friday was good. Just wanted to make my shots and relax. My shots, you already know there with a little knee pain, but I push through it. I am all good now since am on the treadmill running writing this blog and watching the Dunk Contest. Dedication, you know. No days off. Shooting drill getting different since am switching things up with my dribbles. I needed the run on Friday though so missing some free throw was a win-win. Needed the run. Friday night …quiet the wind. Ahhhhh! Relaxing. Trying to get my techniques down. Getting my basketball skills on.

Dribble getting better and so is the shot. Shake..ha..ha am gone with that dribble. Cardio, on the other hand, on Saturday night much-needed. Man and woman was about to go down if I couldn’t watch the All Star Dunk Contest on TV. TV people was going to get my appropriate respectful mind, LOL. Just kidding, we all good. Am in here by myself running 30 minutes and am finished. Would have been a long 30 minutes without no entertainment running. Didn’t want to do that.. no…no…nuh uh.

Dunk Contest Intel Drone. My tall self-running (LOL) excitement. Getting close to changing up my workout routine in two weeks, need some creative challenge. Change coming soon when I feel my body right. Basketball drills and cardio. Cardio on Cardio. Calories on Calories. Muscle going against Fat. The challenge continues. Need a shower though, sweating is good but need to feel all..ahh..good. Can’t wait till my knees get better and I get in shape to start glassing people…wooo!

Work out. Push through. Brainy Versatility 😀