Day 15 and 16: The Rewards from Working out

15dayI didn’t want to workout on Friday, my last day of working out b-ball drills style. However, after I warmed up with some shooting, I started the drills. The drills were good and my shots were nice. I mean,the way I was shooting? I could of drop 50. The fingers to leg lift movement was on point –nothing but net shots. I felt like, it was my night to shoot and not miss much. If you play basketball, you know what I am talking about. Having that day, you know your jumper really good. I mean, it was really good! Shooting that good, I didn’t want to leave working out. Lets keep doing this drill. My shot was really good. You know it was that good, when all am doing is repeating myself. Its like, tasting food like…hmmmm! That was so good….(licks fingers), LOL, and you keep repeating it. Yeah, those basketball drills paying off as you all see by my last day performance. My Jumper was good (cool walk), LOL. Fun Workout Friday Night. Woooooo! When your jump shot good? You dancing and hyped like Stephen Curry, LOL.

Cardio on Saturday was “cardioing”, LOL (if that’s even a word). Last day of running the treadmill for 30 mins, it kind of went fast. I was hungry even though I ate not too long ago. I know one of you all had one of those days, you know, while working out you just thinking about what’s going to be for dinner. It was one of those days. Couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted. Finally, I decided on some unsalted peanuts. Keeping it simple. Mad proteins too and some carbs to it. Show you how dedicated I am when I pursue something, I am blogging and running. Look…. in life, if you start something you got to put your foot in and go no matter what.

Some people are going to support you and some are not. Just Euro-step pass them like Rondo (LOL). BUT for real though, don’t let someone stop your movement. Don’t start something then be slacking. I don’t play that. I take this workout serious and I found and will keep finding ways to work out effectively and efficiently. I take what I set my mind to serious, whether blogging, working out, work and future career. My work out stories be more about life and other things than work outs, I tell you. I don’t want to bore you all. Good looking out for listening (reading) on this workout journey.

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