Day 17 and 18: Trying Out a New Routine

17dayI am trying out this new workout. I am changing everything up. Monday workout is Squat Horizontal Jump, which is jumping as far as possible in a squat position, then after that you jump straight up. I did that for half of the basketball court (5 times), which was more than enough. I was hungry and my legs were burning after those 5 times. I am, that doing squat horizontal jump last next workout. So after that,  I did some stop and go drill for basketball, which is basically pausing while dribbling and go forward as fast as possible, then shooting or laying the ball up. Last thing I did was practice jumping and touching the rim, so I am using my jumping muscles on both legs. Working them legs out. It was pretty good; then I finished it with making 10 free throws.

On Tuesday, I start doing the Tabata workout again, since when I did them on my quick weight loss plan. The blog for that is coming soon. I am doing 4 rounds, 20 seconds going hard and 10 seconds rest. The 4 exercises I am doing are: Squat Jumps, Side to Side (using one leg to jump), Hop Twist and Pogo Jumps. All of the exercises are self-explanatory, however, let me explain what a Pogo Jump and Hop Twist are. A Pogo Jump is simply  jumping up and down on your toes or calves. While a Hop Twist is hopping then twisting. It was fast and effective, so this should be an interesting journey. It does get you tired, which is the goal. The changes are fun and exciting. Getting my body right and doing it and doing it 😀

The changes to my workout was a good move for me. I am liking it so far. Lets do this. I am sweating and gaining some muscles in. You all get your workout on and get some results. Good 2 days working out for me. Day 3 tomorrow, so I know what I have to do to get the best out of the workout. Lets get this muscle gains and get in shape. Let me know how your workout journey is going as well if you are doing one and share some knowledge.

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