Day 19 and 20: Pushing through the Sick Days


On Wednesday Workout, I was sick BUT I still power through the workout. I mixed out the workout. I did the stop and go dribble workout first, to work on my explosiveness moving forward. It is a work in progress. My dribble getting better, though.With me not being that good feeling mode, I was still pulling through. I was saving my energy for the jump forward and jump up exerciser. The last exercise of the workout. This one makes your leg burn. I finished it and of course, I was tired. I was going to finish the workout sick or not. I start it, I’ma finish it. You get what I am saying. This is no joke. You all get your workout right.

Tabata Workout, the second day, well, I thought I was doing the workout wrong when I began with the squat jump (LOL), but I was getting it as it was meant to be. I was tired with it, but I finished it. I mean, it is only 4-minute workout, but you are going to be tired when you are done. I am trying to get my endurance back, so this is a good way for that. I finished early with the workout and rest for the night. I need to start resting my body more. This Tabata Workout getting my body right. Getting my leg right too.

Both workout days were good. I had to push through it…you feel me? Getting that body right. Before you know it, I will be all tall and big running a 4.4 flat, LOL. In life, you have to workout, so your body can be right. Your body being right means, you will be able to enjoy life. Enjoying life with a free range of motion with no pain and all joy. Therefore, please take your workout serious and be discipline. You can workout with doing the things you like doing the most, like dancing, soccer, basketball, skating, ice skating, walking; BUT whatever it is, go out and do it. Have fun. Get that body and let people know you’re healthy and you know it. When you feel tired or sick, remember just fight through it, however be cautious. There is a difference between being brave and being dangerous. Safety first and your life first (always). So, if you know you can’t go anymore, don’t do damage to yourself. I knew I can finish, so I kept going. Be Knowledgeable. Be sure to spread the Word about Brainy Versatility.

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