Day 21 and 22: Bounce in My Step and Bouncing Back Strong


I was feeling good and my stop and go move was getting better. I have to be able to sell my hesitation move, so I can shoot or go by my defender. Jumping as high as I can when I touch the rim got creative, because now I am practicing my dribble as I jump as high as I can going for a lay-up. Put some fun to it, you know. The Leap Jump Forward was the one I was doing last workout that was burning my legs. GOOD BURNS. LET IT BURN. That is good :D. Pain is weakest leaving the body. It was leaving alright, LOL. Today, I changed it up, put it last so I can give the other workouts the proper attention they deserved. I was jumping all nice and smooth. Feels like I was gliding in the air the way I was jumping forward. It felt good.

Finished with 10 free throws that I have to make; and before I leave, I have to make sure my last shot is nothing but net. Good habit to follow as a shooter. Now to that Tabata workout, I mean, it was quick as always and making me sweat nothing more to it, however, I am starting before the 10-second rest and going past the 20-second workout time. What can I say, I tend to “over-achieve” in my routines. I over do it, which can be good in a way, but doing the proper amount of workout is good for recovery and the body. Getting them gains in. Refreshing the body. Get your gains in.

Both workout days were good even though I didn’t want to workout that Tabata day. I did it though. Pulling it through. The basketball game on TV, Clippers vs. Bulls, did help me though. On days working out is not in your system, put some fun in it. Working out with some basketball on my mind was doing it. I am adding on to these workout days…Woooo wooooooo! I am feeling better and the next 2 weeks my body is about to change. Then, I will build on that throughout the year. Come on you all! Come work out with me and let’s get in shape.

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