List of Two-bit Drawbacks that Irk You Off

People’s level of tolerance is different but we could not help on few occasions to be agitated to minor things. So here is a list of small drawbacks that could piss you off:

CAPTCHA. There are few times where you go to a site like Facebook or google and make you do these captchas; and it’s like a 3-5 minute affair. What makes it worse is this:


Really Google? really? Why you gotta be this ugly?

And to make the worse worst, some captchas have the check box you click, then it shows you a photo quiz requiring you to select all the images without an ostrich egg or something (odd one out). Then it will REALLLYYY aggravate you when half of the images are sh***y rundown decaying favela huts that roughly look like a shop but you just don’t know. Like you think you selected the right ones and when you clicked on the Submit button, you chose the wrong pictures. Like WTF?!

USB STICK. When you didn’t stick it in right the first time, you have to do it again and when you do, it’s either you accidentally drop it or your USB port is next to the restart button and accidentally pushed on it. Either way, you do it for the third time and got it wrong…AGAIN — third time is an effin charmer!

KIDS. I know this is a sensitive subject to parents but for real, there are incidents that some parents let their kids do disturbances to people around them. Like really dude? You gonna let your kid throw a tantrum and act like you don’t hear or care for that matter; and the person who receives this kind of inconvenience is left with no choice. People get that your kid is independent or whatever BUT they might think of punting your kid down if you ain’t gonna move.

ADULTS. Hey, it’s not only kids who get in the way, sometimes, adults too. Particularly, when they slow walking in front of you. Like for real, I just wanna sing Ludracris’ song: “Move B! Get out da way!”

VENDING MACHINE. Ever had a snack get stuck in a vending machine? And little thing you know that was the last damn change you got? Sucks innit?

MOP THAT FLOOR. This is specifically to people who are living with others. When you are designated to mop the floor and about to finish, then suddenly one of your roomies stepped on the newly mopped floor with their dirty shoes, leaving traces. Don’t you simply wanna yell at them?

QUESTIONS THAT WILL MAKE YOU — WOW. Don’t you just hate it when someone gonna initiate a conversation and when you’re already into it, she or he drops the question, “Am I bugging you?” out of nowhere? Like, really? Are you trying to get rid of me? Look here, if you don’t have the will to keep up with the convo, don’t even start one. Same scenario but a different question, instead of “Am I bugging you?” they going to ask you “Aren’t you sleepy?” I mean, dude, just tell the person you need to hit the sack rather than asking that.

PASSWORD. Setting-up an account needs a password (always) and you need to confirm so you gotta re-type the password. Two minor inconveniences that piss you off:
1.) The conditions in choosing your password like:
– it must be at least 8 characters in length
– it must contain a special character
– it would be advisable to mix lowercase characters with uppercases
– it must contain numbers, symbols, etc
2.) With all these conditions being met, either you got confused and didn’t match when you try to confirm it and you gotta do it all over again or it still says your password is too weak and the system denied it.


WET SOCKS. Putting on some nice pair of socks, before leaving, you went to the kitchen to grab a bite or drink water. Then, you stepped on something slimy or wet and having to go all the waayyyyy back to your room to put on a new pair. You might actually want to start hiding some pairs in your kitchen.

Life is full of drawbacks but at least try not to let the smallest things ruin your day. Like what Dory said, “Keep on swimming…”

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