Day 25 and 26: Doing my thing!

Wednesday workout was about heart. The diet getting the best of me, so this is about discipline. I am here now, so you know I made it through. This challenge is about mental discipline. If you would of saw how I push through that workout, you would know I don’t play with my workouts. I didn’t know how big I was, but am tall and can move well. But lets just say I feel good. I need carbs though, which I am getting just not over doing it. You guys already know my workout routine I have been doing awhile now. If you haven’t, every workout is well-organized, so you can go several workouts back and read some of it. You can do it. This workout is working. Can’t wait to finish this broccoli and fish diet, though. Expect a blog on that when am done.

Tabata workout was a breeze. I finished it quick and off to relaxation I go, but Thursday was a quick day. I finished that workout and I was sweating. I tell you try some Tabata workout and see the results yourself. They have different variations, so get which one is best for you. Which one you are looking for to try. They all works though, I tell you. The new grilled fish giving me energy to workout good. Grilled Tuna with cayenne pepper for dinner…hmmm. You know, I did my thing in the workout and cooking well grilling it 😀

In all, both days were good. It is progress toward getting in shape. You all on this journey with me. I like that. Feeling and doing it right. Getting that body right. It was a busy week. I find ways to get my workout in. I over did the holiday eating, LOL (I guess). Now, I have to work to be in shape; and stay in shape. I got this though. This is about discipline in which I got. Lets do this you all. Get your workout on. I do this you all. Can’t wait to get this broccoli and fish diet done. So I can eat good again :D. Discipline, Challenge, and getting it done. Brainy Versatility way.

Be Adaptive. Brainy Versatility.