7 thoughts on “Meet and Greet: 3/24/17

  1. Hi Brainy Versatility,
    I met you at Danny’s Meet and Greet. That was nice of you to reblog it.
    In response to what you wrote on your other post, I love basketball. I follow the Lakers. I realize they’ve been disappointing in recent years. I love them because I live in Los Angeles. I have seen them play live and even had seats behind the floor. I saw Jack Nicholson and everything.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That is what I write about. I also host regular blog parties like Danny.

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    • Hello, Mrs. Janice Wald
      No Problem of re-blogging something that can help out everyone who is into blogging. I am all about support.

      Yeah, Basketball a big smile on my face. The Lakers will be back on top soon with the changes they made in the front office. Be patient though. Also, must of been something special you having such a close view to a Lakers game.
      With your blogs, I am already checking out your blogs. I am going to re-blogged some of them because I know I am not the only who needs some more beneficial advice. I Just started yesterday looking at your site and we will see how it works. Thanks for all of your advice now and in the future. I will be continuing to check your blog posts out for sure. Thanks for the comment.

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