How Can YOU Be More Interesting?

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By “more” interesting, I mean to say that, everybody (yes, everybody) is interesting, to some degree. But to be an exception, you gotta be more than *just* interesting.

And, if you want that, then you’ve stumbled at the right place. ‘Cause what I’m gonna tell you in the following moments, might make you more interesting.

Before we get there, let me show you the “interesting” equation:

Activities + News + Sharing = Interesting

That’s the basic equation.

But that’s not over. Let’s expand.

To be more interesting…

#1: Go out, have fun

If you stay at home, playing Resident Evil: Biohazard, you’d be missing all the fun. Go out with your friends, or just go to somewhere alone. JUST GO OUT.

#2: Meet people

People are a great way to know about different culture, religion, views, etc. The more people you meet, the more smart you become.


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