Short Blog:Happy April’s Fools day!


Today is one of the most exciting day of the year If you like fun. Relax and have some fun. It is prank day and if you have some kind of fun in you then you will be laughing a lot today. A lot of fun creative pranks are about to happen. So, you and many others day are about to be met.  IT IS ON A SATURDAY TOO!  Say NO More! I better be careful today lol. I am on high alert nobody is safe today. If I know you all well enough you wont be safe around me because I am about fun. So, if you are about fun lets make today a fun day. Think of your prank ideas and let me know how it worked for you. I am sure some people are already pranking each other already at midnight ahahaha. Its all fun nothing serious. Always have some kid in you so dont be too serious with life. I am cranked up for the day. YEAH LETS GET IT YOU ALL! Let all your stress go today and enjoy yourself. Dance, Party and be Safe!       Before you go guess what lol:



Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive. Expand your mind. Have Fun.  Relax. Let me know about your fun April’s Fool Day. Don’t be shy so share, comment, like or subscribe. I don’t bite lol. I will subscribe back as always. Till next time 😀

3 thoughts on “Short Blog:Happy April’s Fools day!

  1. I was out of town for a few day. while visiting places, I saw a restaurant announcing the opening day as April 1. I did commented that it might not be a trustworthy announcement. Didn’t have a chance to find out. This is my latest post.


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