There’s More to Maturity

Carpe Diem

Non-alcoholic wines and anything similar,that’s the hardest liquor she’s ever had.Loud music inside their house,that’s how she parties.Reading books and watching movies,that’s how she wastes time.Sleeping,that’s how she relaxes.Life advices,she has lots of it.All from her perspective,too little of her experience.She’s not getting any younger and yet,all she has ever done was just the same to those thing she’s done before.She might have hit legality,but she doubts about her maturity.With that,she made her own definition of it.

That it’s not about those alcoholic drink that isn’t up for her taste,and those relationships that she’s still not up to take.For her,maturity is knowing herself and still loses it as she wishes.For her it’s about controlling herself.It’s about doing a bad decision of her own will and being all too honest as she pleases.For her,it is how she loses it to a place,where she thought is a potential breakthrough stage.For her,it’s all…

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