Eye of the Tiger

marathons + matcha

Two weeks after Run the Bridge, the first Rocky Run 5k/10k was happening in Philadelphia.  This was my first race with my TIUphilly girls.   I was super stoked for all of us to race together.  One of the girls made shirts for our whole group and of course we had to rock them on race day.  My boyfriend loved that I had other friends racing since now I didn’t have to drag him along anymore.


The race started at the Art Museum and where we all agreed to meet up before the race.  Because ya know, ya gotta take a starting line #selfie!

It was freezing!!  All 7,000 runners, both 5k and 10k, all gathered at the Art Museum steps for the inaugural race. The Rocky theme was on repeat throughout the entire race.  SO many people dressed up as Rocky, it was hilarious.  I don’t think I…

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