DO IT YOURSELF|A circle skirt


Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your week? Well let’s dive straight in. Today is DIYday!!

Like I said in my previous postAPRIL FOOL OR APRIL GENIUS, I have been exploring other aspects of my life while waiting for internship. One of it is my sowing skills.

I got my 7258 stylist singer machine in 2014 as a birthday gift to myself but haven’t really been doing much on it because of studies, no more excuses now.

So among other things I made, this circle skirt is my favorite. I love the material, color combo and it’s just what I need to add to my collection of skirts right now.

I am sharing this with you my faithful readers to encourage you to go for whatever it is you want to try out or do. If you fail at it the first time, do it…

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2 thoughts on “DO IT YOURSELF|A circle skirt

  1. Oh My God 😘😘, thanks a lot brainy😀😀😀😍😍 I really appreciate it.


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