Pause … and take a deep breath

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We all seem to be in a mad rush as we bump into each other,

The road is full of cars all honking at each other to make way, 

The traffic jam is horrendous and incomparable to bee’s waggle dance, 

Commuters are hurrying to catch their next scheduled bus or train,  

Cyclists are feuding with other road users on their assigned lanes. 


Parents are busy dropping off their children at the school gate,

Mothers are walking in groups pushing their crying babies in strollers,

The men and women in suits, pants, and briefcase are back to life,

Some construction workers are chatting and drinking coffee by the roadside,

As others are busy digging the road and receiving instructions from their boss.


Sales merchants are opening their stores or displaying their goods by the pavement,

Late night shift workers look tired and are happy to have signed…

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