You exist.So you are important.

Everlasting Smile Wisdom

You deserve to be treated with respect.
You deserve to be treated exactly with that much respect as you treat yourself with.

You exist. So you are important. Simple.

Never allow anyone to treat you less than how you deserve to be treated.
And you know exactly what you deserve, right?

What you feel right.
What you feel wrong.

People who genuinely love you or care for you will definitely take care of their behavior towards you.

People who will feel you are demanding too much by expecting this will leave you or blame you in return. But anyways, they don’t deserve your attention and care if they can’t give you the same in return.

It’s always reciprocal and it has to be reciprocal.

You should not cross oceans for the people who would not have crossed a puddle for you.

You have to set your boundaries.
You have…

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