❤Stay in Trend. Stay in Style❤

The Brown Almond

He wants to be cool. She wants to be trendy. YOU love styling. Don’t you??

Being “Stylish. Trendy. Classy” is the new generation’s motto.

As they say,

“Fashion fades, but the style remains”. Because its the style which creates long lasting impression.

Style is important! And styling the correct way is what makes you stand out.

I would start with ideas for men first, because ladies, the list is dor you is always longgg!! (Oh, and lovely too❤)

Styling tips for HIM :

(To all the Ladies reading this- you could suggest it to your partner)😉

1. Always! Match your belt with your shoes.

Everyone needs to know this, I’ve seen a lot of men (and i mean a lot) who never pay attention to this. MEN, do focus on your styling techniques, because Women identify these things a lot quicker than you think, and you don’t want a bad…

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