Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

I’ve been hired as Aragorn’s personal assistant, and ironically, everyone on his staff agrees that it was more fun during the War of the Ring.  “I’m bored, Kent,” he grumbles to me.  I say, “I can always arrange an outing with Arwen, milord.  Perhaps a foray into Mirkwood to stir up some excitement?”  He replies, “No, nothing to do with Arwen.”  A fearful shadow passes over his face and he mutters, “She’s shown undue enthusiasm for an activity known as ‘pegging.’ ”  “What’s that?” I ask.  Irritation replaces the dismay on his face and he snaps, “Never you mind!  We just need to—”  Suddenly the alarum sounds, and we rush to an overlook in the throne room.  Aragorn’s knuckles whiten as he clutches the waist-high guard rail.  “Emo-poets!” he spits.  I follow his narrowed gaze and see armies of nerds scaling the keep’s walls.  He turns to me, excitement writ plain in…

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