Food for Soul :)

Mistress of spice and everything nice

I am currently based at a place where network is a luxury, forget internet! Still luck has been by my side and I am writing my 11th blog in 20 days of blogging. Not bad… not bad at all considering the kind of network I am getting. 😛

I started my blog with the recipe of an Indian desert I enjoy (The festival of colours ) and this will be my second recipe post. 🙂

As a child i would sit for hours in the kitchen and watch mom. The kitchen smelled heavenly! I am so glad I inherited my mom’s passion for cooking.

Cooking makes me happy and having guests over makes me happier! I love feeding people 😀

So today’s recipe is about a dish I made for a bunch of friends I invited for South Indian styled Sunday brunch. This dish was a hit and…

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