Perfectly Imperfect

Aesthetic Miradh

Black or brown, it doesn’t matter, they were beautiful. I couldn’t make out the colour of her eyes but I know they were stunning, mesmerising, for sure, as I am still lost in that glimpse of her gaze. They seemed innocent, yet they had a story. What did they want to say? What was she hiding?

Her eyes were big, bold and yet they seemed shy and diffident. What was wrong? I did not know, though I wanted to. She had looked at me with those mysterious eyes and had left me dazed. The look was striking with the arched eyebrows raised high above on her forehead. Was she confused or rather questioning?

I am pretty sure she could have scared off anyone with those deep eyes; well she could have startled herself too with those meaningful eyes.

They weren’t perfect, neither the eyes nor the eyebrows but they were…

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