Responding to Hate with Love

Writing With Hope

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To clarify, love isn’t a magic wand that prevents misunderstandings, ceases all wars and dissolves emotional roadblocks. Personal baggage is a part of the process of living in an unfair world, one in which we are the results of toxic parenting styles we didn’t choose, that unite us in blood to personalities often challenging our own.

It is with regret that we are faced with our own flaws and in our trial to heal. We first must acknowledge the hate and resentment brewing inside us. Most of us have experienced denial at some point in our lives, keeping ourselves busy enough to numb our pain. Eventually, the unresolved black mass rotting like spoiled food in our soul spews forth. It launches out of us as beastly anger that wounds loved ones. Unresolved pain often turns into hatred and when we don’t see our own flaws we project…

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