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The most perilous and precarious of the human beings are those who are friends with everyone

Who do not have contentions against them

They are both yes and no

Who do not face justifiable criticism for they remain friends with both the foes, for they get along with the saint and lascivious

Those who respect only for the sake of moral spinelessness and deep inside fabricate mockery of you & your work

Those who are individually alone, but socially busy

Those who opine diplomatic mollification

Those who are sweeter than the sugar on the face and darker than the dark inside

Presumptive friends to all, but none. They are with all, but none

They are dangerous misleads in life, make sure you soon realise

They don’t criticise anyone, or they do criticise everyone secretly

They don’t stand up for anyone or any opinion for long because they have the urge to…

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  1. Avani Khandelwal

    Thank you so much. This really means so much. Feel blessed😇. Helping out us beginners is really sweet of you. ♥️♥️ And about this post, i am sure everyone can relate, because at some point or other everyone’s dealt with such kind of people/friends. 🙂

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