11 Biggest Modern-Day Rip Offs!



In today’s world where there is a surge of various booming ventures and professional service providers, we as a consumer find it really hard to find the one which sees our interest a bit before their own and to say the least at least gives us what we pay for. There is a multitude of companies or ventures out there which not only overcharge us but also rip us off shaking our confidence in humanity. So for all those victims out there, let’s see these various modern day rip offs that ew come across every day.

1. The Bottled Water: What the water companies claim about their packaged water bottles being some mystical and totally pure and derived from the foothills of your country’s favourite and glacial mountains is a big lie. As various sources have pointed out almost every packaged water company fills their water from municipal tap water.
So, yes what you…

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