As the Taurus winds were ‘a blowing

Paragraphs from the Book I'll never Write

And thus the Lord of the Galaxies rose, his temples throbbing with weariness. The little babe wailed some more.

Now you want me back? I thought you wanted me gone.”

The child’s cheeks, as cherub-like as the day was long, puffed once, an unseemly crease etching itself upon its brow.

The Lord of the Galaxies chuckled, his tight chest letting be.

“You’ll be a hard one to handle, won’t you?” the child’s face brightened then, its pudgy little arms reaching out for the dangling stars, always a little too far to reach. “Taurus, my little Taurus. Toughest one of them all.”
Ps: this has absolutely nothing to do with Greek mythology. Just a little scribbling I did in the car :-).

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